METRO puts off plans for university rail line

Over the last decade, METRO spent $71 million of your dollars to build a rail line. But the agency recently took that project off the table for at least another decade and no work has been done.


General Meeting & 2012 Elections – Tonight!

Good morning, neighbors.

RPCA’s final general meeting of 2011 and elections for 2012 board positions will be held at 7pm tonight at Zoe’s Kitchen on Shepherd. I’ve attached the agenda to this email. If you have any other issues that you would like to discuss, please feel free to email me prior to the meeting.

All six board positions are being elected this evening for 2012:

President (2011 – Rebekah El-Hakam, running for re-election)
Vice President (2011 – Daniel Baker)
Secretary (2011 – Andy Stefaniak, running for re-election)
Treasurer (2011 – Sue Bailey, running for re-election)
Councilor (2011 – John Geiss, running for re-election)
Councilor (2011 – Brian Trudeau)

If you are interested in running, please email me or volunteer during the meeting. There will also be other positions available on committees as well as other ways to help serve the neighborhood.

See you tonight.

Daniel Baker
Vice President
Richwood Place Civic Association
RPCA Final General Meeting of 2011

Richwood Place Meeting – Today at 7pm


Please join us at Zoe’s Kitchen tomorrow (Tuesday) evening from 7-8pm for a Richwood Place Civic Association meeting.

We will be discussing crime/security, neighborhood watch, deed restrictions, sign toppers, minimum lot size, and any new issues that you’d like to raise. Additionally, David Robinson (President of Neartown/Montrose Superneighborhood) is running for Houston City Council and will be introducing himself to the neighborhood.

Daniel Baker
1827 Norfolk
Vice President
Richwood Place Civic Association