The Richwood Civic Association is led by six elected Board members.  In addition to the elected Board, there are eight volunteer Block Captains, one for each block within Richwood Place.  There are also currently two committees dedicating time and resources to improve our neighborhood.


2018 Board

 Position  Name  Email Address
 President  John Geiss  jgeissjr@comcast.net
 Vice President  Cliff Helmcamp  cliff@greenwoodking.com
 Secretary  Ethan Perry  perrye475@yahoo.com
 Treasurer  John Cornwell  cornwell@rice.edu
 Councilor Sue Bailey  sue.bailey@gmail.com
 Councilor Kevin McDaniel kevin.mcdaniel@gmail.com

Block Captains
Block captains are responsible for communication information between the RPCA and residents on a given street. The block captains meet with residents on their block, distribute flyers, raise neighborhood awareness, and more.

Block Name Phone Number
1800 Portsmouth Katy Trudeau  713-858-7313
1900 Portsmouth Gaelyn Lesher 713-524-6221
1700 Norfolk Jeffrey Kolb & Mary Jane Black 713-203-3974
1800 Norfolk Cliff Helmcamp 713-524-0888
1900 Norfolk Sue Bailey 713-520-1903
1700 Lexington    
1800 Lexington John Geiss 713-524-7963
1900 Lexington Liuda and Gustavo Flores 713-524-4823


Capital Improvement Committee (formed 2010)
The Capital Improvement Committee is responsible for being involved in the City of Houston’s Capital Improvement Plan.

    • Moustapha El-Hakam
    • Brian Kilpatrick
               Cliff Helmcamp
                Judy Clark

Deed Restrictions Committee (formed 2010)
The Deed Restrictions Committee is responsible for ensuring deed restriction compliance, communicating ongoing activities to the board and at general meetings, and enforcing violations when necessary.

Brian Kilpatrick (chair)

    • Larry Wood
    • John Geiss
             Rebekah Maddux El-Hakam
             Kevin Mcdaniel

Please feel free to contact these individuals with questions or comments.  If you would like more information about volunteering your time, please contact any Board member.  You can join the Richwood Place Civic Association by clicking the “Join Today” link above.